“I’ll Be With You Here on the Oncology Floor”

hospital room on oncology floor

Last week, our family enjoyed a full, fun, sometimes rainy, week at Walt Disney World. We were a little disappointed that we couldn’t get reservations to Epcot on Friday because it was full, but it was still a great week. We decided to just go on home a day early and take our entire Saturday […]

Creating an At-Home Movie Night

family movie night

Though some theatres remain open, several families are choosing to bring the movies home to take extra precautions during the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. With a good set up and the right snacks, your family can have the ultimate at-home movie theatre experience.  Here are some tips to create the best movie experience without having to […]

Year In Info-Tainment 2020

television movies

With apologies to Cousin Rendell of Lafayette, Louisiana, here is the annual Bird’s Eye View Year in Info-Tainment. There may have never been a greater sigh of relief than midnight on January 1, when the giant ball dropped above an empty Times Square on the apostrophe-laden ABC’s Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan […]

2020 and the Musicians We Lost

2020 and the Musicians We Lost 1

We lost a lot of musicians in 2020.  As we end a year that will forever be associated with death and dread, a final look back at some of the people who brought us joy with the music they created. Little Richard would tell you – that he was the originator and the architect of […]

Preparing for Fall 2020

throwing fall leaves

Although the change to the fall season can be invigorating and quite beautiful, it can also negatively impact our emotional and physical health. With the added social distancing measures happening and the constant craziness that’s been ongoing this year, preparing for fall 2020 is not a bad idea. Let’s begin thinking now of things that […]

TikTok Rules for Our Kids

tiktok app on phone

“Laurie Hernandez Said My Name!“ If you are an 11-year-old gymnast you definitely know who Laurie Hernandez is. My daughter is just that, so when the 2016 USA Gymnastics team member mentioned her name on a TikTok chat, things got loud in my house for a moment.  Going live on TikTok to talk to your […]

Pixar Movies Ranked from Worst to Best

pixar studios sign

At Dogwood, you’ll find a lot of fans of Pixar films. Enough that when the announcement about Onward being released to digital early that it inspired a great deal of conversation on Slack amongst the staff. Lauren kicked off the conversation with a declaration to the staff that “If you haven’t seen Onward you need […]

The Dogwood Crew’s Favorite Hamilton Songs

cast of Hamilton

If you’re anything like us, then you’ve had the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat ever since it came out on Disney +. Regardless of if you are a longtime fan or just discovered Hamilton, we can all agree that the music is catchy, entertaining, and brilliant! Our office has been discussing the musical, quoting songs, humming […]

Breast Cancer Survivor Takes Up Running

woman in pink shirt running

The Montgomery Half will be long-time runner Pat Morrow’s first and only half marathon. 10/2019 Update- Read to the bottom for a fun update on Pat. Pat has enjoyed running for much of her life, but running hasn’t always been easy for her. In 2004, Pat not only had back surgery but also fought a battle […]

For a Former Balloon Lady, the Half is Pure Fun

lady in yellow shirt crossing finish line

If you ran the inaugural Montgomery Half Marathon 10 years ago, your main goal was to beat Vicki Sue Merry. Vicki Sue was bringing up the rear as the balloon lady that day, showcasing two of her greatest strengths when it comes to racing — she’s a steady pacer, and she loves to make memories. […]


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