Pixar Movies Ranked from Worst to Best

| August 8, 2020
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pixar studios sign

At Dogwood, you’ll find a lot of fans of Pixar films. Enough that when the announcement about Onward being released to digital early that it inspired a great deal of conversation on Slack amongst the staff.

Lauren kicked off the conversation with a declaration to the staff that “If you haven’t seen Onward you need to. It’s such a good movie!”

I quickly replied “We watched it last week. Not my favorite Pixar movie.”

The conversation continued to where I made the declaration that my bar for Pixar movies is Toy Story.

This led to where I told everyone I would rank all the first run (no sequels) Pixar movies as of July 2020 from worst to best. Some of the movies have been influenced over time and with special memories of who I saw them with, so maybe your list will look different than mine.

With that, let’s get started. 

14. Brave 

The mom transforms into a bear. The movie feels rushed. The comedy is dry. That’s it. 

13. The Good Dinosaur

Did you even know this was a Pixar movie? It was in and out of the box office so fast. The storyline was ok, but it was lacking “magic”. That said – I loved getting to go see it with my kids.  

12. Onward

So I fell asleep during this one. I understand that for those who have lost a parent it really struck a chord. I’m thankful that was not the case for me. It doesn’t help that the pandemic happened during this time and as I get older, it’s tougher and tougher to stay awake while watching a movie in my comfy la-z-boy. 

11. Incredibles

I’m ok with superhero movies as a whole…this one just did nothing for me. Now the roller coaster at Disney’s California Adventure based on the movie was awesome. It came out before I had kids too and it wasn’t till years after it came out that I ever watched it.  

10. Ratatouille

The premise of this movie grosses me out. It’s a rat, living in a restaurant performing as a chef. Entertaining for sure. Great storyline – but it was just so hard to get over that fact. Now, that said, I’m looking forward to the new ride coming to the French Pavilion at Epcot soon that will allow you to be the rat. 

9. Wall-E

This story of human devolution in a way was eye-opening. We really get to know the little robot Wall-E through all his antics and eventual love (who knew robots could love right?) of Eve. I still go around making the sound of how he pronounces his name every once in a while. 

8. A Bug’s Life

I remember going to the theater in 1998 and getting to watch Bug’s Life through the eyes of a 5-year-old. I remember you little Ashley (she’s married now herself!). Maybe that’s why I rank it higher. Another memory was getting to ride the Heimlich Chew-Chew Train with my daughter Sidney as she completed riding every ride in the California Adventure park in one day. Fun memories.

7. Up

The first few minutes of this movie will make you cry with one of the most beautifully written soundtracks. The rest of the movie kinda is just…well, just a regular old movie about an old man and a little boy on an adventure. There, I said it. 

6. Coco

La Familia. It’s core to the entire movie with a story told in an imaginative way with some great music that really sticks. I remember when the advertising came out for it, I didn’t get it. I finally broke down and watched it and didn’t leave disappointed. You really felt that there had been a lot of thought into telling the story where it almost served as a lesson into a small piece of Mexican culture and history. 

The Top 5 Pixar Movies

5. Inside Out

This one runs your gamut of all the emotions. We’re literally experiencing it in real life with a pair of 11-year-olds which makes it even more real. It’s one I’ve watched over and over because it makes you really hurt for the little girl and the changes in her life. We’ve all been through them at some time. 

4. Finding Nemo

It’s a movie about a clownfish! Who doesn’t love clownfish? Seriously, the opening scene sets the tone and explains why Nemo is the way he is with his helicopter father and constant need to explore his boundaries. Stuff happens and well the adventure starts with Nemo galavanting through the mysterious ocean with his father in pursuit. The storytelling was amazing as well as the way the animators made us really feel underwater hearing this fish tale first hand. 

3. Monsters, Inc.

Monsters Inc. has always been a favorite as it pursues the story of what lies underneath the bed or in your closet…it’s just monsters doing their job. Monsters you grow to love and that also don’t really want to hurt the humans they scare. You end up sympathizing with them and cheering them on as they work to protect Boo, the human child who snuck into their world. 

2. Cars

Maybe because I like cars in general, the idea that cars could speak and have lives was an awesome idea. Not to mention bringing Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy into the main roles, it made for a fun concept and lots of humor.

1. Toy Story

It’s the original and what began it all. Definitely was not the peak for animation but it was groundbreaking in its ability to use computers to animate. Not to mention the storytelling style had never been seen before. What if toys could talk? I remember watching it in the theater as an 18-year-old and thinking this changes things. Not to mention the inspiration this one movie provided to so many others. It’s hard not to even consider this as the #1 Pixar movie of all time. I can’t wait to go to Disney World this September and finally be able to become a toy myself in Andy’s Backyard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

There you have it. You don’t have to agree with me because it’s my list. That said, I’d love to hear which was your favorite movie that you would rank as #1 Pixar Movie of all time. 

If you have a movie review or other story that you’d like to share, send it our way!

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