Breast Cancer Survivor Takes Up Running

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| February 20, 2019
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woman in pink shirt running
woman in pink shirt running

The Montgomery Half will be long-time runner Pat Morrow’s first and only half marathon. 10/2019 Update- Read to the bottom for a fun update on Pat.

Pat has enjoyed running for much of her life, but running hasn’t always been easy for her.

In 2004, Pat not only had back surgery but also fought a battle against breast cancer. After her surgery and once she was cancer-free, the doctors told Pat not to run more than three miles, if she ran at all.

Instead of giving up on running, Pat decided to begin rebuilding her strength and stamina.

woman running in front of a sunset

Pat and her husband are members of River Region Running, and that is where she was introduced to interval training by two fellow members, Genie and Patti.

Interval training involves a runner alternating between a faster pace and a slower pace. For Pat, she alternates between intervals of walking and running.

Pat has made great strides since she first started running again. “I have been following guidelines for beginners by Jeff Galloway and practicing with River Region Runner members,” says Pat.

Friends, Genie and Patti are also the ones who encouraged Pat to run the Montgomery Half and she’s ready to prove that she can do it!

Pat is now back running, full speed ahead, and is excited for the Montgomery Half.

“I am so thankful for the friends who introduced me to the run/walk intervals. I now feel I have no need to limit my runs to 5k distances”

Update 10/2019 on Pat’s running adventure!

We had the honor of speaking with Pat to get an update on her life post-Montgomery Half 2019. We are happy to say she is doing great and still running strong!  In fact, in January of 2020 she will be running the Walt Disney World Full Marathon! What an amazing endeavor and we know you will do great! Pat and her husband will still be joining the fun with us in Montgomery as she plans on running the Montgomery 5K this year.

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