Staying Off-Site at Disney World

cinderella's castle at disney world lit up for Christmas

My first trip to Disney World was back in 1982, and I stayed off-site. Let’s be honest: There weren’t the options that we have now and it was more common.  We stayed at a Days Inn-style hotel that had a pool. You drove into the Magic Kingdom, or Epcot that opened that year, and would […]

Disney Resorts Explained

sign for disney world's pop century resort

I recently completed what I am estimating to be my 12th trip to the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. I’ve also managed to make it to California 4 times to visit “Mecca” for Disney enthusiasts simply known as Disneyland. Maybe one day in the future I’ll write another post comparing the two and why […]

Can You Call Yourself a True Disney Fan?

Disney Castle

Are you really a true Disney Fan if you haven’t seen these movies? That was the question I was asked when those in our office realized that I have a list of Walt Disney Animation Studios movies I haven’t seen.  I quickly defended myself and started reciting all the ones I have seen along with […]

Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster to Feature Queen?

Rock 'N' Roller Coaster to Feature Queen? 1

Brian Harris is a friend of mine and has written a blog post or two in his day. While talking back and forth about the recent rumor that came out about Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster, he started having some fun and I asked if he could write it all down. So here are his thoughts: […]

Silly Family Games We Play – No Purchase Required!

Silly Family Games We Play - No Purchase Required! 2

My husband surprised me with an oversized checkers set the other day after lunch at Cracker Barrel. We took it home and our family ended up playing for two solid hours! We had such a great time, it made me think back to my childhood and all the silly family games we played together.  There […]

The Impact of a Dog – Prince Chip Harris

The Impact of a Dog - Prince Chip Harris 3

Chip, or his official name given at birth Prince Chip Harris, made an impact on our family from the day he arrived. Today was his last day with us. In what was one of the most excruciating decisions I’ve ever had to make in my life, Tuesday night I emailed our vet that it was […]

16 Books I Read in 2021

stacks of books on table to show what author read in 2021

When I was growing up I was the epitome of a bookworm. I was the kid that would finish their schoolwork early and read for the rest of class. I’d stay up way later than any child should just to finish a book. I believe I read the entirety of Little Women in about 3 […]

Honest First Thoughts on Genie Plus

monorail in front of Epcot at Disney World

We were promised back in August a reimagined guest experience with the change to the Genie Plus service from the FastPass system. In short, in my belief, the only reimagining was a new revenue stream for Disney that has increased frustration and resulted in less time actually doing what you want to do.  Disney imagines […]

Wizarding World vs Galaxy’s Edge

wizarding world of harry potter versus star wars galaxy's edge

There’s always a debate on what fan base is better than the other, and I think it’s a little more intense when theme parks get involved. I had personally just come back around to the theme park world right after the opening of Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hogsmeade, and that was the only […]

In the Heights Movie vs. Broadway Play

screenshot of in the heights movie

If you’ve read most of our posts here on the Dogwood Journal then you may understand why we are excited about the new In The Heights movie. We’re big fans of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton that debuted in the summer of 2020 on Disney+. Need proof? I searched for the word “Hamilton” on our site and […]


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