Move on When Social Media Goes Wrong

On Behalf of Michael Chitwood
| September 22, 2020
move on when social goes wrong
move on when social goes wrong

Social media is great! We can stay connected with people who we care about and know. We get to reconnect with people, allowing us to interact and reconnect over topics all over again. However, despite these advantages, there is one annoying person: the random commenter.

You know the person I’m talking about, someone you’ve not heard from forever, and then randomly, they reply to one of your posts. It has been so long since you interacted with them that forgot you were social media friends. In some cases, you might have forgotten about them altogether. Yet, they comment out of nowhere, and even worse, the comment is negative, critical, or corrective.

Examples in My Life

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For example, once I posted a Facebook story about how “sermon preparation today is worship.” Randomly a friend from my past replied with, “It should always be worship!” Another instance, a friend from the past tried to debate me that Hawaii doesn’t get hurricanes but typhoons. Both situations, and others like them, were from people I hadn’t interacted with in years.

In response, I debated replying to either situation since the comments were frustrating. Yet, despite my frustration, I chose not to respond to them. Instead, I chose a different path; I unfriended them on social media.

Now I can take the criticism, I have even debated people too, but we don’t need that type of negativity in our lives. Again, social media is an excellent tool to reconnect and to stay connected with others. Nevertheless, our interactions should build towards complimentary exchanges with people we meet through life. However, people who don’t maintain regular contact with us, except for negative interactions don’t have the authority to speak to us in these critical ways. We should not let them continue.

Move on, Be Better

Don’t be that critical person on social media. Instead, if someone needs a corrective word from you, then take the time to invest in the person long-term to earn the right to speak into their life. Otherwise, retain your interactions on social media to fun posts or positive comments.

Furthermore, when we receive negative comments, remember, we are best to move on without those individuals in our life. Life is too rich to maintain contact with people who bring us down, especially when they are from our forgotten past.

With all the above said, I’m looking forward to a positive interaction with you soon! Thanks for reading!

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