Dogwood Journal Acquired by the Magnolia Journal

| April 1, 2022
Category: Community
Silos owned by the same people who own the Magnolia Journal
Silos owned by the same people who own the Magnolia Journal

We are excited to announce that this very online journal that you are reading at this moment was acquired by the Magnolia Journal. If you aren’t familiar with Magnolia Journal, they are owned by Chip and Joanna Gaines whose show Fixer Upper followed their lives as they “fixed up” houses in the Waco, Texas area.

Since then their Magnolia empire has continued to grow and develop into a lifestyle brand with restaurants, real estate, and more. In their quest for domination of all things good, their sight was set on the Dogwood Journal and acquiring all fruitless flowering tree journals across the country.

“We love Dogwoods and we love Journals. Not as much as Magnolia’s of course” stated Chip Gaines as he carried a baby goat from his truck into his home. “Don’t tell Jo about this either” he asked as he made his way back for a second kid.

“When Chip reached in his back pocket for his checkbook, I did my best not to smile,” said executive editor Brian Harris. “Unfortunately it wasn’t a checkbook as much as it was a cease and desist order, but once we explained the origins of our Journal, there was a settlement.” 

The Dogwood Journal will remain in place with no changes as part of the acquisition so that the staff and contributors can continue to produce amazing content like this April Fools joke. 

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