Garlic Ginger Marinated Pork Chops

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| June 25, 2020
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grilled pork chops
grilled pork chops

For Father’s Day, I wanted to make a nice meal for my dad to say thank you for all he’s done for me. I called and asked him what he would want, and the response was pork chops. Now, pork chops aren’t really our favorite food and my wife was not thrilled, but I was determined to make it different and nice. So, I started looking for inspiration and ended up creating an Asian cuisine inspired pork chop and it was delicious!

Marinade Ingredients

If you don’t like pork chops, then this is the marinade for you because it even made my wife wish there were seconds. Here’s what you need:

Ingredient List:

–   1 cup of Worcestershire sauce

–   1 cup of soy sauce

–   ¼ cup of olive oil

–   ¼ cup of sesame oil

–   ¼ cup of lime juice

–   2 tablespoons of minced garlic

–   4 tablespoons of brown sugar

–   Sliced ginger to taste

These amounts are for two pork chops. If you’re cooking for more people, just increase your measurements and maintain the same ratios. 

Cooking the Pork Chops

Most of these items we already had at home, so this was a fairly easy marinade to make and it made all the difference. Take all the marinade ingredients and mix them in a bowl. Next, place your pork chops in a gallon-sized Ziploc bag and pour the marinade in the bag and make sure that the marinade covers them. Allow that to marinate for at least an hour but I’d suggest letting it go as long as you can. We let ours sit for around 8 hours.

After your pork chops have had time to marinate, cook them using whatever method you like. We cooked ours in a cast-iron skillet on the stovetop to sear them nicely on both sides and then let them finish cooking in the oven at 325 for about 10 minutes.

We paired our pork chops with baked potatoes and salad, but you could do any number of sides. Whatever sounds good to you. If you give this marinade a try, let us know how you liked it and if you make some changes to customize it let us know how it went! I’m always looking for new recipe ideas.

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