Unusual Sandwich Combinations You Can Make at Home

| August 31, 2022
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Did you know August is National Sandwich Month? It got me thinking about all the unusual sandwich combinations that humans have concocted. My 8-year-old daughter has me make her a “strawberry sandwich” at least twice weekly. It is white bread with thinly sliced strawberries. I guess there are worst things she could be eating. 

I asked others to share their favorite unusual sandwich combinations and compiled them below. Maybe you will find a new and exciting combination to expand your palette…or maybe not… either way you can open your eyes to what others find delicious!

Unusual Sandwich Combinations You Can Make at Home 1

If You Like Bananas Read On…If Not Keep Scrolling….

Bananas + Mayo sandwiches… This is a highly recommended combo by many. Combinations vary between using mayonnaise and Miracle Whip. You can slice the bananas in small coin-sized circles or lengthwise for a slightly different twist. 

Bananas + Peanut Butter… some crazy people even add Mayo to this combination and swear it’s the best thing they have ever tasted. (Peanut butter on one side of bread and mayo on the other with the banana in between)  It was also recommended that the banana be “just ripe.” 

Sliced Bananas + Brown Sugar Sandwich… this sounds more appealing to me than mayonnaise at least. 

The Elvis Sandwich… Peanut Butter, Bacon, and Banana sauteed to a crisp on white bread. Elvis loved it so much that he told his chef to have one ready at any moment’s notice for him. I must admit, this unusual sandwich combination sounds pretty appealing. If the King loved it, maybe you will too!

Bring on the Peanut Butter…

Nothing beats a traditional PB& J sandwich, but if you are feelin’ a little wild you could jazz it up with these ingredients…or just the bananas above.

Our owner Brian Harris loves ham sandwiches + peanut butter. This combo is dubbed “The Bobby Harris Special” after his dad and is put together like this: Peanut butter goes on one side, and mayonnaise on the other. Put your cheese and ham in the middle. For a twist, try toasting the bread first.  For more inspiration on different ham sandwich combinations, visit his post: Ham Sandwiches & Quarantines

Peanut butter and sauteed onion on sourdough bread…with a side of antacids.

Peanut butter and syrup on toasted bread… sounds like a great “breakfast for dinner” addition. (Some substitute honey, molasses, or Karo syrup for the syrup)

Add peanut butter to your grilled cheese sandwich- we did this on a panini maker once and it was delicious!

Peanut Butter, Bananas, Jelly, and Mayonnaise served on bread or between two Saltine crackers. Yes, you just slather those condiments altogether to make a PB-jelly-Mayo conglomeration.  I’ll need an extra shot of courage to try this but I won’t knock it til I try it. 

Peanut Butter and Pineapples…Lewis multi-seed bread is recommended. Again…I can’t knock it til I try it. (Let me know if you do!) 

Crunchy peanut butter and graham cracker sandwiches… swap the crunchy for smooth and my kids would eat this! Try dunking in cold milk! 

Peanut butter and marshmallow creme sandwich…aka “fluffer nutters.”  Substituting regular bread for a warm English muffin with plenty of butter is recommended.  Another variation is to grill this combo like a grilled cheese.

Peanut butter, granola cereal and craisins on whole wheat bread…this sounds like it could almost be healthy. 

Our dinner tonight was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with bacon! We used traditional grape jelly but mixing up the jelly flavors, bacon flavors, and crunchy or smooth PB could create endless combinations! We all agreed it was good and a nice way of occasionally shaking up our sandwich nights!

Unusual Sandwich Combinations You Can Make at Home 2

Budget Friendly Unusual Sandwich Combinations

I said budget friendly– that does not mean they taste great but some of my friends claim they do!

Potato Chips + Ketchup on bread. If you are one of the weirdos that dip their potato chips in ketchup normally then this sandwich is for you! Some like to sub the potato chips for a French Fries and ketchup sandwich. 

Sharp Cheddar Cheese with Miracle Whip sandwiches.. This reminds me of my grandmother serving us sliced pears with a dollop of Mayo and shredded cheddar cheese.

Grandma’s Depression Era Sandwich is white bread covered in yellow mustard with sugar sprinkled in. This combo can definitely trim your budget!

Sugar and Butter on Toasted Bread… My dad made me “sugar toast” as a child and it is now a comfort food for me. I definitely see the allure of making it into a sandwich!

Cheese & Mustard Sandwich…yes that is all-just cheese and mustard!

Dill Pickle Sandwiches with lots of Mayo!

Other Unusual Sandwich Combinations that are Really Tasty!

Baloney or Fried Baloney sandwich. If you don’t fry the baloney first you can always broil it in the oven.   Add pimento cheese for a twist!

Tomato Sandwiches- Some add mayo to each side with salt and pepper, Other popular additions are: spinach + tomato, cucumber, onion + tomato, Conecuh Bacon (crispy) + tomato, or egg+tomato. 

Cucumber Sandwiches…My personal favorite. Mix a packet of dry ranch with cream cheese then spread on both sides of the bread. Add peeled and sliced cucumbers and enjoy! I like them best if the cucumbers are cold!

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich with Pepper Jelly

Turkey, pepperoni, Mayo, and Doritos! This sandwich combo will definitely have some crunch!

Tuna salad and olive sandwich- try subbing the olives for jalapeno stuffed olives with mayo

Well folks, there you have it. A bunch of unusual sandwich combinations for you to try! I am sure there are more than a few that you can make with WHATEVER is on hand in your panty. Do you have a favorite unusual sandwich combination? We would love to hear of it and maybe try it out ourselves! 

P.S. Heading out for a day on the beach?You don’t have to pack any lunch!…Why? Because of all the “sand which is there!”  

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