4 Wacky Ways to Wrap Presents

| December 14, 2020
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ways to wrap presents
ways to wrap presents

I will never forget the gift my brother gave me a few years ago. It was a medium-sized box wrapped completely in the old blue Walmart bags and held together with silver duct tape. Even though it was as cheaply wrapped as possible, I knew he gave it to me with love! I enjoyed the thoughtful out-of-the-box wrapping so much I have passed it on to other loved ones over the years. Check out these wacky ways to wrap presents guaranteed to bring a smile to the recipient’s face! 

The Duct Tape Wrapping 

Inspired by my brother’s shenanigans, I took this gift and wrapped it in white Walmart bags (so you could not see the box itself) then a layer of cling wrap, and then added the duct tape bow. I really thought it would look cheaper and much worse than it did but it was actually kind of pretty! This gift was for our Dogwood Dirty Santa party last year and it was the first gift chosen!  (Inside was an old creepy doll and a gift card if you were wondering!). Yes, I did realize after the fact that it does indeed resemble illegal narcotics! 

4 Wacky Ways to Wrap Presents 1

Variations of this: Wrap the entire box in duct tape. You could do it in lines of tape or wrap them all haphazardly around in a crazy mess.  You could also skip the box entirely depending on what your gift is and fit a plastic bag around it then cover it with duct tape. 

The Cling Wrap Ball

My 12-year-old nephew lives far away from me but we have a fun joking relationship. When I got ready to wrap his gift of cash this year I decided to have a little fun with it. I grabbed my roll-on cling wrap, some post-it notes, and random little toys I had around the house and began. 

I first put the cash in an envelope and taped it to a small piece of cardboard as the base. Then I began wrapping the cling wrap around it. After so many layers I put a post-it note with a silly message or joke then wrapped some more creating a large ball of cling wrap. I also put the little toys randomly just to keep it interesting. When I decided that the ball was the size I wanted, I ended with a “Start Here” note and put it right under my last layer. 

4 Wacky Ways to Wrap Presents 2

I can’t wait for him to open it! It’s definitely not pretty but I am sure it will be fun! If you want a really large Cling Wrap Ball then I suggest getting the bulk rolls from Costco or Sam’s. You will have plenty! 

There is a game played that also uses the cling wrap ball. There are a series of small gifts wrapped up inside the ball and you pass it around while music plays. When the music stops you unwrap a layer and that is your gift. It is kind of like Dirty Santa meets musical chairs. 

Punch a Present

I have not done this one myself yet but have attended kids’ parties where this was part of the fun and it was a big hit. You take a large box and cut several circles in it. Place paper bags behind each circle to hold the gifts and then cover the front with tissue paper. Your gift recipient will have to punch through each circle to get their gift. I know kids would love this and I know a few adults who would love it too! Paper bags work if it is a lighter item. If you have heavier gifts you may want to use another cardboard piece to hold your gifts. 

I love this tutorial from the Craft Patch Blog. She even did a great little video to show you how easy they are to make! I am sure we all have a cardboard box or two laying around! This would be fun to fill with different snacks, socks, gloves, maybe a small book, gift cards, or cash! 

The Ole’ Box in a Box in A Box….

With SO MANY people ordering all their gifts online this year there is no doubt you have a plethora of boxes laying around your house. Why not put them to good use? This works best if the gift is small. Simply wrap your gift in a small box. Then find one a little bigger, place it inside and wrap that box up. Then repeat until you are satisfied or out of paper or boxes! Sure it takes a little more time and a good bit more wrapping but it is sure to bring a smile to your loved ones’ face. 

 Side note on this one: This wrapping seems to heighten the anticipation with each box’s unwrapping. Make sure that the gift is one they would be pretty excited about. Unwrapping all those boxes to find new underwear may not bring all the intended joy you thought. 

There you have it – 4 wacky ways to wrap your presents! 

Have you ever received a gift with outrageous or unusual wrapping? We would love to hear about it

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