10 Great Ideas For a Christmas Proposal!

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| December 18, 2021
man making a christmas proposal to woman in front of christmas lights
man making a christmas proposal to woman in front of christmas lights

Are you planning to pop the question this Christmas season? We want to help! Be inspired to make your proposal unique, memorable, and exciting with these 10 ideas for a Christmas proposal! 

First Choose Your Ring!

If you have paid attention to the hints your fiance-to-be has been dropping then you may already know what kind of diamond cut she wants, but if she has left the choice up to you then our blog on Fancy Cut diamonds will help you in making the decision. You also need to know her ring size. Here are some tips for how to get her ring size in secret, but don’t worry if it is not a perfect fit. We can always help you resize the ring later. 

15 Ideas for A Christmas Proposal

  1. Christmas Morning Stocking Surprise! Strategically place the beautifully wrapped ring at the bottom of her stocking and when she pulls it out be sure to be down on bended knee ready to ask! For even more drama but a little more pressure, you could say “Oh you forgot something in your stocking” line after all the gift-giving is over and then let the Christmas proposal happen. This would require you actually sneaking it in the stocking with her nearby but if there are other friends and family around this could be much more exciting and dramatic! 
  2. Build the excitement with a series of thoughtful gifts! Choose a few small gifts that are significant to your relationship and have her open each one right after the other. You could include a gift card to the place you went on your first date, a sketch or framed photo of a meaningful place for you two, or a special ornament that represents a special time in your life together. The last gift is of course your engagement ring! This is fun because the excitement builds and if the first gifts are small like the ring gift she may or may not expect the Christmas proposal! 
  3. Take Advantage of Family Traditions! Will you be participating in a family Christmas tradition together? If so, incorporate the big question into that time! Your family can help and they will be there to celebrate and take some wonderful photos! 
  4. A Sleigh Ride Christmas Proposal! Does your city or town offer sleigh rides during the holiday season? Why not propose marriage while riding on a beautiful horse-drawn carriage ride through the beautiful countryside or bustling city adorned with Christmas lights? If getting down on one knee is important to you and her you could wait until the end of the ride or plan ahead with the driver to stop at a certain location and as you help her exit the sleigh, drop down on your knee with ring in hand! 
  5. Special Christmas Ornament Proposal! Many adorn their Christmas trees with ornaments that represent special times in their lives. Pick up a few ornaments that represent your life together and share them with her as you hang them on the tree together. Be sure to explain what each means and why you chose it! The final ornament? Drop to your knee in front of the beautifully lit tree and ask! 
  6. Christmas Proposal in Lights! There is something so magical about Christmas lights! Create a holiday light tour through a park or neighborhood ending in a special spot where you have written “Marry Me” out in twinkling lights! Rope lighting works well for writing but you could also use marquee letters surrounded by twinkling lights! 
  7. Recreate the scene from a Romantic Christmas Movie! Do you have a favorite romantic Christmas movie you have watched together? Love Actually is one that includes a romantic proposal and a favorite of many. Their hearts flutter as he stands at the door with poster board messages of love! Could you recreate a scene with you and her? Be creative and go all out! 
  8. Christmas Card Photo Shoot! Of course, we love to look at pictures celebrating big life moments! Schedule a photoshoot with a professional photographer or a friend that is really good at taking pictures. Be sure to let them know your plan. Your partner will already be dressed up and at a predetermined place during the shoot you can ask her to marry you and have beautiful pictures too! 
  9. Christmas Treasure Hunt! Create a series of clues and leave them at different places of importance to you two as a couple. The last clue? Of course, it is you on bended knee with your Christmas proposal. You could choose to include friends and family at the last spot for a celebration or keep it sweet and personal with just the two of you! What kind of clues would you leave leading up to it? Be sure to make them very simple and not too much traveling! (holiday traffic could make it a long night!!) You could leave one at the place you first met, the place of your first date, where you first said “I love you” or where you attended a special event together. If it is a place of business, it would be wise to let the staff in on your secret clues so they are not accidentally thrown away! 
  10. New Year’s Countdown! Have a series of surprises for her each hour on the countdown to the New Year! They could be little gifts that you give her each hour the clock dings or handwritten messages of love. At the stroke of midnight, drop to your knee, and give her the perfect engagement ring as you pop the question! 

Make Isbell Jewelers Part of the Celebration!

We hope you are inspired by these 10 ideas for a Christmas proposal! If you have not already picked out the perfect engagement ring, stop by our store and we will help you find the perfect ring for your perfect person just in time for Christmas! 

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