Why Should You Foster an Animal?

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| February 1, 2022
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brindle foster dog named Kilo
brindle foster dog named Kilo
woman crying after she is done fostering an animal

If you’re looking for a sign to foster an animal through a local shelter or rescue group, here it is. One of the main reasons I hear as to why animal-lovers don’t bring a foster animal into their home is that it’s “too hard” or “I could never give them up.” I get that. I genuinely and truly understand that to the very core of my being. It IS hard!

This is me dropping Kilo back off at the shelter after only one week. I could only commit to a one-week “foster field trip” because I had some boarding and training commitments coming up. I tried my best to get him adopted before I had to bring him back to the shelter, but it didn’t happen. So I held it together at drop-off, then fell to pieces back in the car. 

Why Should You Foster an Animal?

I don’t share this to say, “Look at what it does to me,” because anyone that loves animals understands that fostering an animal is HARD. I share it to say even though it’s hard, it’s worth it! Let me show you what Kilo got out of that one week at my home:

  • He got a chance to learn more house manners and increase his chances of success in his new home.
  • He got a chance to get out of the busy and noisy shelter environment and relax in a comfy, quiet home.
  • He got a chance to sleep in his own crate with his own cozy bed.
  • He got a chance to experience a big back yard and zoomie around with my dogs, and learned some valuable social skills.
  • He got a chance to go on leashed walks around my neighborhood and at the park.
  • He got a chance to visit PetSmart and pick out his own toy and learn what it looks like to behave in public.
  • He got a chance to cuddle on the couch while we watched TV at night and try a piece of my chicken sandwich.
  • He got a chance to experience being a “pet” for a week and I got a chance to see what he’s like in a home environment, which is valuable information for potential adopters!

Fostering an Animal is Hard

closeup of a foster dog's face

Was it hard for me to let him go? Absolutely. I’ve cried over every single foster I’ve ever had, even when I know they’re going to incredible homes. But it’s not about me. It’s about what I can do for that precious little soul in the time I have to give it. 

I understand the decision to foster an animal isn’t for everyone. Some dogs may not be a good fit for my current dogs and it would be too stressful for them. Sometimes circumstances simply don’t allow it. I don’t want to make anyone feel guilty for not being able to foster an animal.

There are many factors at play and I can’t always make it happen either. But if you’re able to foster an animal and have been thinking about it, but hesitate because it would be emotionally difficult, just do it. It will be difficult. But it will be worth it for the good it does for that one dog!

Who to Foster an Animal Through

Interested in fostering but don’t know where to start? Contact your local animal rescues! If you’re local to the Montgomery Area, here are some organizations I know and love:

If you’d like to learn more about dog behavior, training, fostering, and more, head on over to fivefrecklek9.com where this article was originally published!

If you have a submission that you would like to share, send it our way!

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