What Does Your Favorite Hallmark Movie Say About You?

By: Moriah McLemore
| December 1, 2020 |

When you think of the holidays, Hallmark Christmas Movies immediately come to mind. You might think they are cheesy and they all end the same, but guess what? You still watch them. Yep, it doesn’t matter how predictable they are; they still draw us in. We are suckers for Christmas cheer and a love story. So what does your favorite Hallmark movie say about you? 

Christmas with Holly

What Does Your Favorite Hallmark Movie Say About You? 1

Christmas With Holly is a classic Hallmark story. A girl living in a big city gets left at the altar. She decides to get away to a small town where she meets a man caring for his niece. They fall in love and you know how the story ends.

If this is your favorite Hallmark Christmas Movie then you are longing to meet your soulmate and you want that person to put you above work. You believe in Christmas magic and love how it brings out the kid in all of us. You have a big imagination and want everyone to experience the beauty and joy that it brings. You probably also live in a small town hoping that one day you will meet a prince charming that loves children.

November Christmas 

What Does Your Favorite Hallmark Movie Say About You? 2

November Christmas is such a sweet movie and it is definitely a tear-jerker at times. If you love November Christmas, you are empathic and love helping others. For you, Christmas isn’t just a time to receive but to give. You believe in the Christmas spirit and that it can brighten anyone’s circumstances. Your emotions might take the lead at times, but thankfully you have a community of people to keep you grounded. Overall you are a very caring person that everyone wants in their corner.

A Christmas Detour

What Does Your Favorite Hallmark Movie Say About You? 3

A Christmas Detour is a classic typical Hallmark movie that we all still love it. If this is your favorite movie then you are for sure a hopeless romantic and very optimistic about life. You are waiting for fate to take over and to take a life detour that leads you to your perfect match. You know life throws curveballs and you have internal hope that one of those curves will lead you to a happily ever after. You are most likely the life of the party and always up for an adventure. 

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

What Does Your Favorite Hallmark Movie Say About You? 4

The title says it all, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year surely means you love the Christmas season so much that you probably start decorating before Thanksgiving. You are the person that gets the Grinch to even like Christmas.  You are so passionate about your work and extracurricular activities that dating isn’t your top priority – your family members are probably constantly trying to set you up during the holidays. Maybe you relate with this movie because you WISH your family would pick out Mr. Right and not Mr. Oh No. 

A Gingerbread Romance

What Does Your Favorite Hallmark Movie Say About You? 5

Gingerbread houses and romance??? What else screams Christmas than that!

You are for sure a pro at your skill and love a good competition. You are very passionate about your craft and it is something you take seriously, so you are hoping to find a soulmate who is equally as serious in their craft. You can’t wait to find someone you can work together with and become a power couple. You aren’t wasting your time in life, your dream is to make it to the top. You might be scared to put down roots, but with the right job or person, you will find a place to call home. You’re full of spunk and determination. Get that promotion and work it. 

So were we right? If your favorite Hallmark movie didn’t make the list, let us know what it is! We always need new ones to add to our holiday movie list.

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