Can We Achieve Utopia?

On Behalf of Mike Northcutt
| November 11, 2018
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Colors of Heaven Utopia
Colors of Heaven Utopia

I’m wearing my philosophical/political hat today so be patient.

Many of you have heard of Utopia. It is an imagined place in which everything is perfect. It isn’t a new concept. In 1516 Sir Thomas Moore wrote of it.

Utopia is a noble and worthy dream. However, on earth, Utopia will always be an unattainable myth. Why? Because of our methods to achieve it.

Some believe Utopia is possible through government and politics. Communism and fascism promised this. They attempted to cleanse the world by staining it with blood. More have been killed by their own government purging than wars with enemies. Even democracies are not immune. Call it a “Make America Great” society, a new world order or a new covenant but democracy at its best fails to be Utopia. Capitalism without values can be as ruthless as any cruel dictator. If you educate the people without teaching values, all you produce are clever devils.

Why is Utopia on earth an impossible dream? The fault lies within the human heart. Every generation passes to the next a heart that the Bible describes as “desperately wicked.” Until the heart is changed, evil resurfaces in every generation. Somehow we have deluded ourselves into thinking we may be weak but not wicked, sick but not sinful, victims but never villains. We blame crime on the sickness of society or a sickness of the mind. But never a sin in our hearts.

So is there any hope? Absolutely! There is a civilizing power of the Judeo-Christian heritage. Yes, Christians have had inexcusable and shameful moments, (the Crusades, Inquisitions, slavery), but through Christ positive has been accomplished. We have fought diseases, poverty, oppression. We have ended the slave trade, built hospitals, orphanages, and universities. A society of citizens guided by the compassion and teachings of Christ is not Utopia, but it is far better than any government that is ruled by a tyrant or self-serving tyrants.

Christ alone can change a sinful heart. Christ changes governments one heart at a time. That is why Christians vote and also share our faith personally. Progress is not always discovering something new. Progress in America means re-discovering the eternal truths of God. Religious extremism is a definite threat. But the greatest threat to our nation is the silence and idleness of sincere followers of Jesus Christ. We must and will continue to be the voice and hands of Christ. Christianity can flourish under any circumstance. A nation guided by Judeo-Christian values provides the best climate for a quality life.

By the way. Utopia literally means “No place.” Of course, we know it is a place. We call it Heaven. I will see you there one day!

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