The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

By: Dogwood
On Behalf of Isbell Jewelers
| February 3, 2021 |

February 14th is a day to shower your special someone with love and romance. As one of the most romantic days of the year, consider giving your loved one one of the most romantic gifts to celebrate! While chocolate and flowers are good, jewelry will last a lifetime, just like your love them. 

Beautifully crafted jewelry is a special gift and deserves to be given on a special day like Valentine’s Day! To help you narrow down your options, we have come up with a few of this year’s trends that are sure to make your Valentine feel loved.

Ruby-red and Rose Gold 

Reds, pinks, and whites are the colors of love, making jewelry with brilliant ruby stones or rose gold bands the perfect choice for a Valentine’s Day gift this year. Rubies will always radiate so much emotion and as the “king of gemstones,” they are the ultimate present for the one you love.

If you want to go with a watch or simple bracelet, we recommend a soft rose gold. Pink hues add to the romance of the holiday and jewelry in these tones a gift every woman is sure to adore. 

All the Heart Shapes 

What better way to symbolize love for someone than with jewelry in the form of a heart. Hearts on the 14th of February is just meant to be. Not to mention, your Valentine will always remember the way you feel about them with a heart pendant to wear with them wherever they go. 

You can find heart-shaped jewelry in rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, so there are plenty of options. And heart-shaped pieces accented with pink and red tones are especially astonishing. 

One-of-a-kind Jewelry

Every girl wants to feel unique and special, so another gift idea this Valentine’s Day is a custom made item. Whether that is a new ring or personalized necklace, there are so many options for purchasing a piece of jewelry that will stand out from all the rest! Adding initials or a short message will be the perfect affectionate touch to your already beautiful item.

Valentine Pearls 

You can really never go wrong with a simple but always lovely pair of pearl earrings or pearl-strand necklace. Their romantic and feminine qualities highlight the splendor of this special day and will be a cherished gift forever. So, save the diamonds for a different day and get your significant other the pearls she’s been wanting. 

Presentation is Everything 

Before you hand over your present, don’t forget to top it off by packaging it in something equally as stunning. There is nothing quite as exciting as opening up a velvet jewelry box to see a dazzling ruby red gemstone sparkling inside. This is the one day a year dedicated to lavishing love and gifts to your Valentine, so you might as well go all out! 

At Isbell Jewelers, we have everything you need to make this February 14th one she will remember forever. Stop by our store or give us a call today! 


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