Staying Warm This Winter

On Behalf of Method Mortgage
| January 25, 2021

This time of year brings about a constant battle of trying to stay warm, while also wanting to be mindful of what bumping up the thermostat could do to your budget. 

Here are some ways to heat things up, without breaking the bank:

Bundle Up 

Layering is one of the easiest ways to stay warm. It might feel silly piling on a bunch of clothes only to stay inside, but it will be worth it! From your head to your toes, find things that will give your body the extra heat it needs. Don’t forget gloves, a hat, and socks as those areas of your body are where you can lose the most heat. If you’ve got a hoodie or comfy jacket, add those on as well as some blankets. Might as well watch a movie while you are all bundled up! 

Stop the Draft

The cracks around your doors are a major source of drafts, especially in homes that aren’t as weatherproofed. There are several different options for weather-stripping, all cost-efficient and easy to install. You can head to your local hardware store to buy specific weather stripping tape, or you can cut up an old pool noodle and slide it under the door frames. However you choose to do it, you should tell a difference in the temperature of your house.

Close the Curtains 

Each night with the sun goes down and the temperature drops even lower, close the curtains on your windows. Even this little bit of a barrier will ensure that your home stays warmer during the night. If your windows don’t have a curtain, pin up a blanket to block any excess cold air. Be sure to open the curtains and remove the blankets in the mornings to let the sunshine back in to heat your house. 

Cook Something 

One of the best (and yummiest) ways to stay warm is to head to the kitchen! Cooking around a warm stove can warm you up pretty quickly. Not only will you be getting in some light activity and moving your body, but you can also make a sweet treat or delicious meal. Prepare some warm soup if you’re looking for something more hearty, or if you have a sweet tooth bake some goodies that can be served warm. While you’re at it, brew some hot tea, cocoa, or coffee. Holding a warm cup not only warms your hands but also your soul. 

Reverse the Ceiling Fan 

Though it might sound counterintuitive to turn your fan on to make things warmer, trust us! Since warm air rises, you can use your ceiling fan to make sure that it gets pushed back down around the ground. Reverse its direction and keep it on low long enough to get the air moving again. 

Though these take a little bit more effort than just turning the thermostat up a few notches, it might just save several dollars on your next bill.

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