Simple Fall Decorating Tips (That won’t break the bank!)

By: Beth Gillem
On Behalf of Method Mortgage
| October 10, 2019 |

Most would agree that we like for our homes to reflect the fall season happening around us, but sometimes we can’t find room in the budget to purchase new decor. Today, we are sharing simple fall decorating tips for the season that won’t break the bank. We are sure you can feel nice and cozy in your autumn decorated home soon!

What does fall look like?

During your drive home or a walk in your neighborhood, pay special attention to how nature is changing around you. Do you see pine cones or acorns that have fallen? Is there a particular tree nearby with some gorgeous fall colored foliage? These can all be brought indoors to create a touch of fall in your home using things you already have. Display in a pretty bowl or vase. Keeping fresh water in the vase will allow cut leaves to last several weeks. Tip: If picking up acorns, pine cones, or moss from outside, place them in a ziplock bag and put in your freezer for 24 hours or place them on a baking sheet in the oven on the lowest temperature for about 20 minutes. (Keep a close eye on it-especially the mosses.) This will take care of any insects that might come lurking out in your home.

What does fall smell like?

There are so many options for making your home smell like fall and so many of them you may have in your kitchen! Simmering spices in a bowl of water on your stove along with citrus slices and apples create a great smell. Spices you could include are cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, or ginger. Local grocery stores often carry “cinnamon brooms” that have a perfect scent that does not overpower and brings a natural look to it also. Just place it in a corner, next to the fireplace or rest it on a shelf. Candles always set a relaxed and cozy mood also. Shop for a scent that brings fall to mind. Tea candles placed in a bowl of acorns or coffee beans is very economical and also stylish. Scent alone is a very powerful way to get your home is a seasonal spirit. Don’t underestimate it!

What does fall feel like?

Pull out your blankets and throws and use them to set the mood in your house. Old quilts and buffalo plaid blankets will invite guests to sit and cozy up with a cup of coffee with you. Fall is also a great time to open up your windows to let the cool fresh air in. Opening up windows not only lets great natural light in but can also remove the stale air in our homes that we don’t realize is there anymore!

What does fall taste like?

This one is easy to do but you can easily go overboard. (Not everyone wants “pumpkin spice” flavored everything!) Try to keep it simple: coffee with a seasonal creamer, snickerdoodle cookies (does not have to be homemade-the “pop in the oven kind are great too), vegetable soup, chili or camp stew. Hot tea with honey, apple cider or hot chocolate can be out ready to enjoy. Here is a simple recipe for cinnamon apples you can make in your instant pot that taste divine!

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