Productive Procrastination: How to Break Out of a Creative Block

| April 6, 2022

Inspired by the Project I’m Actively Avoiding by Writing This Blog

There’s a negative connotation with the word procrastination. 

We should change that. 

Instead of viewing it as delaying a task, let’s think of it as finding inspiration.

My brain is still working. The subconscious is working overtime while I do other things. She’s figuring out the solution to our problem while I pretend that problem doesn’t exist. I promise it’s effective.

Here are some practical ways I try to “find inspiration” during a creative block. 

Listen To Music Outside Of Your Norm

Make your brain focus on something different than your normal playlists. Moodify will ask you about your music preferences and then curate a Spotify playlist based on your choices. Try choosing the options that are completely opposite of what you’re feeling and see what playlist you come up with. And then try listening to it without skipping anything. You may find yourself listening to a song from the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Musical. And that’s ok.


Go to a coffee shop, a park, a bench, a couch, a different chair, different table, cabin in the woods. Or my personal favorite: a yoga mat on my kitchen floor, questioning how long it’s been since I last swept.

Take A Hot Shower

Or if you’re feeling particularly self-loathing, a cold one.

Try Some Yoga 

Align those chakras, baby. 

Also, blood flow. The blood rushing to your head while you hang out in Downward Dog can help you think.

Sleep On It

I just really like naps.

Move Around

Do a handstand. Balance on one leg. Or if you’re like our Web Developer Slayton, see how many push-ups you can do everyday at exactly 2 PM whilst every other employee in the office critiques your form.

Lay On The Floor And Stare At The Ceiling Questioning Your Life Choices

This one feels self explanatory.

Write A Blog for the Dogwood Journal

Currently trying this one right now. Will update if it works.

Start Coloring

There are incredibly specific coloring books you can buy. Pick a weird one. There’s books for Golden Girls Fans, Animals Drinking Cocktails, Farting Magical Creatures, and really anything you can think of. So crack open the Crayolas and embrace your inner child.

Go To A Museum

Scrolling through Pinterest can always help. But looking at other people’s work in person is way more effective. There are tons of art museums across the state of Alabama.

And finally, 

Set a Deadline

There’s nothing like the fear of imminent failure to motivate your brain.

There you have it. 

We’re no longer “procrastinating.” 

Let the creative inspiration commence.

To read more from Kristen, go to her author archive.

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