My “Drinking Game” With The Bible…And Coffee

On Behalf of Michael J. Chitwood
| January 22, 2020
Category: Inspiration
hands holding a bible
hands holding a bible

Each day I play a drinking game when I read scripture. Yep, I have specific rules where when I hit a goal; I take a sip. When I hit the next goal, I take another sip. Except, what I sip on is not alcohol, just coffee. But, I’ve found this “drinking game” with a cup of java prompts me to read more scripture than usual.

Some people will say you should read two-four chapters a day. Others might give a timeframe. There are even other approaches. My approach, though is, one chapter a day to one cup of coffee a day, period!

By setting my goal low to one chapter a day, I eliminate the excuses that “I don’t have time to read the Bible.” In truth, we all have more time than we think. Still, it doesn’t keep up from making excuses. In response, my one chapter minimum is a consideration I suggest.

As I began my one chapter minimum practice, I often found that I enjoyed drinking coffee with my Bible reading. As I start reading, my coffee is often too hot to drink. In response, the coffee’s warmth brought an opportunity to create a game where I consume both coffee and more than just one chapter of the Bible each day.

My “drinking game” then consists of reading until I reach the next subheading or chapter. When I reach a new subheading, “I take a sip!” When I reach a new chapter, “I take a sip!” When I reach both a new subheading and chapter, “I, take a double sip!” In full disclosure, sometimes, at the end of a cup, I’m gulping more than sipping due to the coffee cooling off. Either way, with this approach, I often find that I read multiple chapters by the end of one cup of coffee.

Sometimes I enjoy another second cup of coffee and more chapters. However, I honestly gauge myself because it’s essential not just to read more chapters, but to understand and prayerfully process the words I’m reading.

My method might not work for you; it might partially work for you, and you need to adapt it to your style. You might need a whole new method. Regardless of your situation, let me encourage you to discover your Bible reading strategy. The real goal is to find a plan that works for you.

Whatever works for you, make it your method and one where you read through the whole Bible as frequently as possible. The point of this post then is for you to find your creativity in encountering God’s word daily. What ideas then do you have for your Bible reading method(s)? Whatever they are, embrace them and meet both the Bible and, more importantly, the God of the Bible greater!

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