I Run Because It Saved My Life

On Behalf of The Montgomery Half Marathon & 5K
| October 15, 2019
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Miranda on her training run
Miranda on her training run

Meet Miranda Milner- a brave and beautiful young lady from Millbrook, Alabama who spends her work hours as an ultrasound technician and her spare time running. In 2018, Miranda found herself in a dark place struggling with anxiety and depression. Friends, family, community, and running made all the difference. Read below as she shares the heart-tugging story of her “because.” “I run because I struggle with anxiety and depression. Running is my outlet and my therapy. It saved my life.”

Miranda holding her medal from the 2019 Montgomery Half Marathon
Miranda is holding her medal after completing the 2019 Montgomery Half Marathon & 5K

2018 was a year of very hard change for me. I went through a lot in my personal life that caused me to fall into a deep depression and question myself and my purpose in life. In early 2019, one of my best friends introduced me to running because she had been through similar life events and knew the therapy it could provide. At my lowest point in life, I felt the “runners high” that so many talk about. Running is my therapy. It has and will continue to save me. A mile is approximately 2,000 steps and every mile I run is 2,000 more steps into my new, happier, healthier life.

I have never felt more alive than I do when I am running.

I have days that I sit at work and count the minutes until I can get home and go for a run. I plan my events around running and watch the weather constantly. Some may call that an obsession but, I call it LIVING. Because I have running to turn to, I will never, ever allow depression to hold me down again. Running has given me my life back. It has saved me.

Miranda running across the finish line

Miranda completed her first 5K last year at the Montgomery Half and is looking forward to completing the half this year. She is also training for the Capitol 10 Miler in November. She runs 4 days a week and strength trains the other 2 days. Miranda is also quick to give credit to her biggest supporters- family, best friends, her boyfriend and the entire running community.

In 2018 when everything was falling apart, my family and three best friends (one of which introduced me to running) were my lifeline. They stuck by me through so much. I can never thank them enough. To this day, they, in addition to my amazing boyfriend (who also runs!), support my running and encourage me daily! I have lived in the river region my entire life and I have never known a community more supportive than the running community. I am so excited for racing season not for the medals or the swag but, to see my running buddies out on the routes crushing their goals!

Miranda’s Words of Wisdom

Maybe you are among the 1 in 10 Americans who suffer from anxiety and depression and wonder if running would be helpful to you. Miranda shares these words of wisdom for someone hoping to start running:

In the beginning, it hurts. You’ll hate it. But keep going. When I crossed the finish line of my first 5k (the Montgomery 5k 2019), I cried. Huge, ugly cry tears. No one can take the accomplishment away from you. So, lace up, turn up the volume, and go crush your goals! You’ll never regret a run! I promise!

Miranda we are cheering you on as you continue your races and look forward to seeing you cross the finish line in March at the Montgomery Half. Thank you for your bravery and for sharing your journey with us!

This inspirational story was first published here. Sadly, the Montgomery Half Marathon & 5K was canceled due to Covid-19. Many runners chose to run on their own though and shared pictures on the Montgomery Half FB page. If you have an inspirational story you would like to share with the Dogwood Journal please visit our submission page here.

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