How to Know if a Job is the Right Fit for You

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| March 2, 2023
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Sometimes when interviewing for a job it can seem like a perfect fit. On the other hand, sometimes it is immediately obvious that a job is not a good fit for you. Other times it can be quite hard to determine. Let’s talk about what this can look like and how to figure out your best move.

Know the job description

First, read the job description! Over and over and over. Have a solid grasp of it and be confident in it. Things to pay special attention to in the job description are, what are you sure you can accomplish and what are you not so sure about? If the job description mentions aspects of the job that you’re not confident about, don’t let it deter you immediately. It’s ok not to know how to do every single thing and this offers room for growth. The point of a job is to learn and gain experience. Really ask yourself when reading the job description, is this something that you would enjoy doing every day? If so, then this could be the position for you.

Know the culture

Another very important factor of any organization is the culture. The culture of a company is what makes them them, it is a lot of factors that make the company unique. Most companies will have core values or a mission section on their website and this is something that is important to review. You can see if their values and mission align with what you personally feel and you can get a better idea of how they roll. Look into leadership and potential coworkers. Employee bios are also a great way to get a feel for the culture. See how you would line up with the team. Are these people you think you would enjoy spending time with every day? 

Another great way to see culture is to review the company’s social media. This will help you get a grasp of the personality of the company and you may even get a behind-the-scenes view of the day-to-day. 

Know your worth

While it’s important to enjoy your work and the people you work with, proper compensation is always pertinent. Know your worth and what you bring to the table. It’s easy to do research on sites like Glassdoor or Payscale and see what your position makes in your area. It never hurts to have a number or a range of numbers in your mind for a desired salary. Don’t sell yourself short. Be confident in what you deserve. With your research, you can be confident and defend why you should be paid that amount. Other aspects of compensation to consider are 401K, medical, vision, dental insurance, and PTO. Think about what you need and how often you may need or want to take off. 

Know the experience

Anytime you are looking at a new job you want to make sure it aligns with where you want to be. Think about your dream job, will this job you are considering help you get closer to gaining experience for your dream job? Does this job make sense for the trajectory of your work? Will it help you grow and develop more skills that will lead to future opportunities and success? Make sure to consider that you are taking a step up in your career and advancing in the way you want to. If the job doesn’t make sense in leading you to your dream job, it may be a good indicator that this may not be your best move.

These are all good factors to consider when debating taking a new job. Are you looking for a new opportunity? Stratice’s experts can help you find the perfect next move for you! Searching for the perfect job is not easy and experts at Stratice are here to help you! Contact us!

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