Grocery Delivery Workers and Why They Made Me Cry…

| June 23, 2020
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man carrying groceries
man carrying groceries

There are many unsung heroes working tirelessly during this COVID-19 pandemic. One of those groups is our grocery delivery workers. 

What Do You Mean Grocery Delivery Workers?

The two grocery delivery services I have used are Shipt and Instacart. I first signed up when I moved right outside the city limits. My husband worked long hours, we were 20 plus minutes from the nearest grocery store and it was really hard to take my children shopping and stay focused on getting the things I needed. It was a small extravagance at that point (but did save me money and sanity in many ways)

I downloaded their app and started a free trial. Both give free delivery on orders over $35. You choose your items from their list and pay via the app. You can special request items also if they are not on the list. You choose a delivery window and wait for them to start shopping your order. Both services either text or chat via their app as they shop your order.

If an item is out of stock they ask about replacements. The food prices are inflated slightly from in-store pricing to account for the service. After they deliver your groceries you give feedback on their performance and leave a tip (unless you gave them cash at delivery.) 100% of your tip goes directly to your shopper. 

I have had nothing but EXCELLENT experiences with both Shipt and Instacart grocery delivery services. Their workers have always communicated well and gone above and beyond in their work. In fact, a couple of times I have been moved to tears by their kindness. Here are a few of the stories….

Our First Few Deliveries

Bryan was my first delivery. My then 5-year-old daughter was so excited for him to bring her strawberries that she drew a picture for him. 2 years later he still had that drawing on his dashboard. She loved it anytime Bryan came with our groceries because he would talk to her and brag on her drawing. 

Glenn was working as a shopper to stay busy. I asked if he preferred his tip in cash or on the app. He said either was fine but if he was given cash he always donated it to the mobile ultrasound unit a local OB/GYN doctor operated. He said their ministry was very special to him. I could tell when he talked that there were big emotions connected to his story. I gave him a cash tip every time I could. 

Once I was gone for the day while my husband kept the kids. I ordered groceries and he was there for the delivery. This was a new shopper for us and when he had a little trouble finding our house I shared the contact number with my husband.

Turns out our shopper was hard of hearing (maybe even deaf) but since our communication was via text, it allowed him to do an amazing job without us knowing until they chatted at delivery. As someone who wears a hearing aid myself with a genetic hearing impairment, it did my heart good to see someone with this hardship doing an amazing job!

Quarantine Grocery Delivery

Little did I know how this extravagance would turn into an essential need when the Covid-19 pandemic hit in March. 

Braving the long lines as stores were limited on the number of people they allowed in at a time, Joseph was my shopper right before Easter. My husband had moved with his new job and I had completely forgotten about Easter basket goodies with all the sheltering in place. I could barely remember what day it was!

I gave him a quick list and told him he had free reign on what was available. Joseph got plastic eggs, grass, chocolate bunnies, different Easter candies and made sure he had equal amounts of everything. He even bought an extra chocolate bunny with his own money for me because “Moms deserve Easter chocolate too!” Yes, I cried. 

grocery store worker texts

My mother had a medical test that thankfully had fantastic results. I was worried for a while. We all were. When I heard the good news I wanted to celebrate with her but I was 4 hours away. I hopped on my Shipt app and chose a cake from the Publix bakery and a bouquet of flowers.

When texting with my shopper Teresa, I told her that I was far away but wanted to surprise my mother. She asked if there was anything else that she really loved….well yes ice cream…but I was afraid it would melt. She instantly suggested a freezer bag and then delivered to my parent’s door all of her favorite goodies. Yes, my mom cried. I cried too. It meant so much to be able to do something to let her know I loved her from far away. 

Instacart was my only option in my new town. My shopper carefully explained how everything worked and shared with me the best tips on communicating with them. They are fast and very thoughtful and she gave me a warm welcome to the new town. Her delivery on my second day in a new house filled with boxes and chaos was a big relief. 

These people brave the crowds, the lines, and the germs during the heat of the quarantine. They kept me from having to take my children to the stores and allowed us to have the food and necessities that were normal to my family during a time where nothing was normal. They allowed those who are more at risk for COVID to stay in their homes but still get their needs met. They work hard and they sacrifice their time. “Thank you” seems small but it is all I can say at this moment. You are deeply appreciated!

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