Creating a Useable Space in Every Home

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| December 11, 2019
a renovated space in the basement
a renovated space in the basement

Almost everyone has struggled with finding extra space in your home at one time or another. “If only my basement was in better shape…” or “That crawl space could really store a lot of stuff” are thoughts that have probably popped in your head more than once. Good news! By waterproofing your basement or encapsulating your crawlspace, the possibilities for their uses are endless! At Aqua-Guard, we have come up with 8 ideas for creating a useable space from your dry basement or encapsulated crawl space!

  1. An extra bedroom- Instead of moving to a bigger home (which means bigger $$), have you considered renovating your basement? Given the fact you have already paid for the space and have power and water connections, it makes perfect sense that it could be transformed into that extra bedroom your family needs. Here is some visual inspiration on basements turned extra bedrooms.
  2. Game room – Basements can be remodeled as simply or as fancy as you like. Once waterproofed, add some extra lighting, a little paint, and a ping pong or pool table then watch your home could become the preferred teenage hangout! 
  3. Storage, storage storage! – Add some shelving, some plastic bins and see all of your organizing dreams come true! Even crawlspaces, once encapsulated can provide much-needed space for storage. A place to keep all of those things that you really want to hold on to but don’t really need access to very often.
  4. Man Cave or She shed – Every man secretly (or sometimes not so secretly!) dreams of having a “man cave” – a place where he can be and do all the MAN things. Picture it- a comfy couch or reclining chair, a small table to hold snacks in front of a big screen tv! While“she-cave” does not have the same ring to it as “she-shed,” the same ideas apply. A pretty space where she can read a book, host a girl’s night or just get the peace and quiet she needs!
  5. Home Gym – Finally, a place for the treadmill, stationary bike, or squat rack you have always wanted (or have sitting in your bedroom) can have a home! Plus, you will have fewer excuses to NOT hit the gym- it’s really close, the showers are there, no traffic to fight, and no other weight lifters to deal with. 
  6. Home office or Studio – Your waterproofed basement could become the key to allowing you to finally work from home or to pursue that dream of writing, painting, woodworking or any other hobby that you enjoy. 
  7. Wine Cellar or Shelter – Basements or crawl spaces are the perfect spot to house your wine collection. Usually the more humid and coolest parts of your home, they create the ideal environment. Once waterproofed and dry, you will have much more control over the temperature and humidity in your basement or crawlspaces. Here’s to caring for that beautiful wine collection!
  8. Luxurious Laundry Room – Laundry is no fun for anyone but if the room you are loading and unloading is pretty, it sure does help! It does not take a lot of money to get that room functional and beautiful either. Paint, shelving and a few details can make a beautiful space!

What would you do with that new space? As experts in basement waterproofing and crawlspace encapsulation, let us help. At Aqua-Guard, we pride ourselves on our personal approach and providing a complete solution. Contact us today to get started on creating that useable space in your home!

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