Gardening is Good for the Soul


I fully believe that gardening is good for the soul. It is difficult to explain but there is something about the combination of sun, water, fresh air, getting a little dirty, and seeing life grow that calms me. From seeing a single potted plant come to life or tending to a larger garden, I think […]

When the World is Not Okay

the world

There are no adequate words to describe all the different hardships our world has faced in the last year. From the pandemic to politics, they seem to be snowballing and for many, myself included, life is very unnerving at times. When the world is not ok, what do you do? What can you do?  I […]

A Starter Guide to Houseplants

potted indoor plants

Do you have a houseplant in your home? If not I highly encourage you to add one! Not only do they improve air quality and soften our styles with their organic shape, but they have been shown to improve your mood! As I gaze at the plant sitting next to my desk each day, I […]

Stunning Hydrangeas in the South

Stunning Hydrangeas in the South 1

In the spring and summertime in the south, it is hard to turn a corner without seeing stunning hydrangeas! Are you as enamored by these beauties as I am? I was lucky enough to move into a home with not one but 5 established plants! To make sure they continued to bloom, I had to […]

Right Turn Only

Right Turn Only 2

This week I was waiting to make a left-hand turn on a divided highway and in front of me was a UPS truck. As the truck made a right turn on the highway, it reminded me of a story my dad shared with me years ago.  Right Turns The United Parcel Service (UPS) has been […]