10 Great Ideas For a Christmas Proposal!

man making a christmas proposal to woman in front of christmas lights

Are you planning to pop the question this Christmas season? We want to help! Be inspired to make your proposal unique, memorable, and exciting with these 10 ideas for a Christmas proposal!  First Choose Your Ring! If you have paid attention to the hints your fiance-to-be has been dropping then you may already know what […]

5 Fun Christmas Party Ideas That Stand Out!

group of young people at fun christmas party

The Christmas season is upon us and we are ready to reunite and celebrate! Are you hosting a holiday party this year? We want to help you throw a fabulous party with these Christmas party ideas that stand out! Christmas Murder Mystery Party No doubt you are at least familiar with a murder mystery party. […]

Are You Stressed or Blessed This Christmas?

child with christmas tree for stressed or blessed blog

Are you stressed or blessed this Christmas? For many, the answer is overwhelmingly “stressed!” With all that 2020 has brought, it is understandable. It takes special intentionality to look for blessings. I love the wise message my father wrote below and hope it helps you feel a little more blessed in the chaos.  Are you […]

Merry COVID Christmas

Christmas ornaments and a COVID mask

Yes, today’s title probably seems a bit odd. Still, none of us can ignore the truth that we are still dealing with COVID-19 this Christmas. Practically, that means we won’t get to see some loved ones this season. We will even have to wear masks. Traditions we love will have to wait until next year. […]

Dogwood’s Favorite Must Watch Christmas Movies

Christmas movies in living room

It’s the beginning of December and that means that there are hundreds of Christmas movies and shows on for you to watch. You can’t possibly watch them all in just one short month. So, the Dogwood crew decided to do the hard work for you and create a list of our top must-watch Christmas movies. […]

Custom Christmas Ornaments

dogwood christmas ornament

If you follow us on social media (which you should) then you know that we’ve recently moved into a new office building. It’s our very own space that’s big enough to host meetings and get-togethers, like our Open House coming up on January 14th. It’s also big enough to have an 8-foot-tall Christmas tree in […]

Support Raising: Two Benefits and Two Pitfalls

Support Raising: Two Benefits and Two Pitfalls 1

The words hit my ears like a foreign language.  I had just been told that in order to go into college ministry I would need to “raise support” for part of my salary.  “Raise support?” I knew what it was in general – I had done fundraising many times for short-term mission trips. But raising […]

A Love Story Worth Telling

A Love Story Worth Telling 2

He was 21 and fresh out of the military serving his country in the Panama Canal during WWII, and she, his sweetheart, was only 18. They married on November 4, 1943. James (Jim) and Sue Partain would spend their lives raising 3 boys, answering a call to ministry, and eventually serving thousands of people in […]

Reading Gadgets and Other Bookish Must Haves

Reading Gadgets and Other Bookish Must Haves 3

As I have recultivated my reading life, I’ve found several reading gadgets that make reading easier and more enjoyable. Some of these things are super basic and some of them are a little extra but they are things that I’ve found helpful. If you’re primarily an ebook or audiobook reader then most of these suggestions apply […]

Angel Dogs, Louisiana Swamps, and Living to Tell the Story

golden retriever dog named angel

As a kid, I dreamed of having a large dog. And by a large dog, I mean something that could run, fetch a ball, go swimming in a pond…basically a dog that could live life with you.   My parents resisted my request as my first attempt didn’t end well. I used my well-earned grass-cutting money […]

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