7 Tips for Hosting an Epic In-Home Tailgate Party!

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| August 27, 2019
trash on couch after a tailgate party
trash on couch after a tailgate party

With football season kicking off, now is a great time to host a tailgate party from the comfort of your own home! If that thought terrifies you, here are a list of seven things that will make your party one of comfort, quality, and FUN!


Nothing is more awkward than not having somewhere to sit. In addition to the primary seating already in your home, be sure to bring in extra chairs and even consider stools or sturdy side tables that could be used as seating if needed.  During nice weather, your guests may want to step outside during game breaks so think about bringing out your lawn chairs.

The Kiddos

If young children will be attending, it’s always nice to have a designated area for them. Pillows over a washable rug with coloring books, stickers, maybe even Play-Doh, can allow the grown-ups to watch the game with a little less stress. For older kids, be sure to have your WIFI password available and perhaps an area accessible to charging ports for any devices.


When hosting a large gathering, it is not rude to ask your guests to bring a side dish, dessert or toppings. Burgers, hot dogs, or barbecue are always a favorite on game day. Corn on the cob is an inexpensive side that tastes great. Pizza is an easy choice just be sure to place your delivery order early then leave it in your oven to stay warm.

If your guests have any dietary restrictions or allergies, it is always nice to call or text them before and ask if there is something special you can serve. Don’t forget about snacks near the tv. Keep chips, dip and other finger foods within arm’s reach. Pre-made veggie or cheese trays are no prep and no brainers for football parties.


Bottles of water or soda kept cold in a freezer full of ice fits the football-style decor perfectly in addition to function. Telling guests that you will provide a selection of sodas and water while then asking them to B.Y.O.B is not considered rude in these kinds of events. Be sure to pick up extra ice and a permanent marker to write names on your guests’ cups.


Decorating to set the football mood can be super fun but you can easily go over budget with such a project.  Streamers in your team’s colors hung on door frames or light fixtures are inexpensive and go a long way. Pull footballs, jerseys and any other football paraphernalia and set those out. Consider a large cookie cake decorated in team colors as a focal point with themed napkins and plates nearby. Displaying food in colorful bowls and platters from the Dollar Tree can lend to a fun and festive table without breaking the bank!


Many hosts completely stress over cleaning before guests arrive. Tidy up a bit, sweep the floor, wipe down counters, empty trash cans and make sure the toilet and mirrors are clean but then CHILL OUT! Your guests came to enjoy time with you- not to inspect for dust on your baseboards. To be honest, sometimes it is really hard to relax in a home that is magazine perfect. Showing them your home in its genuine state can be a breath of fresh air. If using real cups and dishes rather than disposable, fill your kitchen sink up with warm soapy water and place your dirty dishes there to soak. It makes clean up a breeze afterwards.

Attitude is Everything

If you are still with us, this is the most important thing. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy your friends. Make memories. Do not freak out over spills or yes, even stains. Show grace and that you value people over things. (You can cry about it after they leave!)

We hope you have enjoyed these tips. If your tailgate party grows so big that you need a bigger house to party in, Method Mortgage would love to help you.

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